Reflections Detailing FAQs About Detailing

I often get faqs about the processes and techniques I use, compared to other detailers out there.  While I’m confident my work portfolio speaks volumes I need to address some in text form.  One of my main goals is to educate the client to the point of bursting with information, all of which is digestible………education is one of my goals.


I have started some of the shorten responses, but in time will expand the responses with more details…………..


What is true detailing?  

True detailing is a bit of an art form, its outcome is to transform your vehicle for the long term.  Its corrective in nature as it fixes issues that can be fixed and does not cover up the issues with paint fillers, or other hiding products.

Why get a vehicle detailed?  

You purchased your vehicle because it gave you some level of excitement and joy, and properly maintaining its finish will keep that feeling for years to come.  Proper detailing is a maintenance routine, much like changing the fluids in the vehicle.

What is Paint Correction detailing?

The systematic means of permanently removing imperfection in a vehicles finish.  This system is based on actual measurements of the paint to calculate the outcome, not some random routine.

New car detailing, is it necessary?

Better yet you should have me take delivery and prep the vehicle properly, most “dealership” detailers techniques are harsh on vehicles to say the least.  So yes you need me to consult you on this area of detailing, as client education is one of my goals.

Do you travel? 

The short answer is Yes……the more detailed response to come.

Do you teach your clients the how to’s before they leave you?

I have to teach you, you will get more information to think about then you thought exisited about detailing.  Your drive home or next cruise will be filled with information to ponder.  Education is one of my goals I want my clients with the best possible knowledge base that they can digest and actually use.  I want you to have the means to maintain the finish of your car with minimal re-marring, the clients that listen and adhere won’t need a major detailing service for many, many months.  My own car is going on 2 years without a polishing, waxings…..yes they are needed every few months.