Why Detailing Your Car is Important

Why detailing your car is important…

All vehicles need to be cared for and protected to help retain their value and maintain their appearance and durability.

In Utah’s unforgiving environment, our vehicles are subjected to all sorts of abuses including salt, road grime, harsh weather and high UV rays. With my basic services I can help create a protective barrier against the harsh Utah environment and have your vehicle looking new again.

Here are some reasons to have your car detailed:

Washing a car without scratching…….. have me do it?

While you can get your car washed anywhere from the local coin-op do-it-yourself, to the fancy full serve car washes, its important to understand that if the wash is done poorly it will damage your car’s finish. Dirty water, towels (dirty or poor quality), general residual grime and cheap products all lead to possible scratching of the surface. These fine scratches may not be highly visible, over time they dull the finish and steal the gloss and shine of the paint surface. I may be more expensive than the local full serve, but I will not damage your cars finish with my techniques.  The less damage the longer it will shine and gloss will be like new, and the less aggressive a detail the next time around. In the long run you are saving money because I keep it looking better longer and the cheaper the next detail will be. My services also can come to your home, so that you can spend more time with family verses sitting in a car wash. I also cater to you. If you want to “see” what I’m talking about I’ll show you, once you learn what the damage looks like you will then see how it steals the high reflective shine of your cars finish.

Detailing is an affordable process with my services.  What is costly is having cheap cover up detailing done over and over in a year. I’m not in the business to sell you something you don’t need, and I’ll be forthcoming as to how I can help you with the budget you have. My business is based on trust and education with my clients. Consultation is free; give me a call and let’s get your car looking better than new!


Image is a huge part of first impressions, and as the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. We all love our cars, and perhaps our proudest moment is when the car is new and looks its best. We all have seen that car driving down the road, and in its pristine state we long for our car to have that show room quality. I can help bring that shine back to your car with results nothing short of eye-popping.

Used cars

With new car prices increasing each year many of us buy used cars and used cars are missing that shine, depth of color and reflection. I can help make that used car gain value by detailing it to near new or better.  My workmanship will create instant value of a used car.  I offer a service in which I will consult with you before you buy what can be done to improve the image of the used car, lets chat about that.

New cars

Many dealerships offer costly detailing packages at the time of sale. They say the wax/sealant used will last years and help protect the paint, the fine print says other wise. How would you know when the protection is no longer there, that is what they bank on! In my experience, I have yet to find a wax/sealant that performs like the car salesman states. I can detail your car with much better attention to detail and offering superior protection for significantly less. I’ve imported some specialized products that DO last for years at a fraction of the cost ………..don’t fall prey to high priced wild claims call me and I’ll explain before you buy.

When a new car comes to the dealership it has been shipped for many miles on boats, rail, and road. All that travel is brutal on a cars finish, environmental fall out, rail dust, and organic materials embed into/on the paint surface. The “detailers” at the dealership do a quick prep on the car, leaving most of that crap onto the surface of the paint. The prep of the car is minimal at best, often using the cheapest products possible and the cheapest methods that WILL inflict damage to the paint (dirty water and towels are the main reason). I offer a service where you tell the dealership not to touch your car in anyway upon delivery, and I’ll come in an properly prep the car. I’ll remove the materials embedded into the paint, I’ll smooth the finish, and apply the proper protection on the inside and exterior……..it will be 100x’s better than the aftermarket products they sell, and a bazillion times safer having me prep. Call me about new car prep services before you buy, I’ll save you $ and tears!

Selling your car

It is smart to keep your car in the best condition for the sake of resale value. Spending some money for a detail will give you a higher value at the time of sale, help you sell faster, and separate your car from the others people are looking at.

1 – I was told by a dealership I did some work for that the money invested with my work, gave them a substantial increase in the cars value over not doing the work.

2 – A buddy of mine was not getting quality looks at his truck for sale, and it sat on the market too long for him. He allowed me the chance to work on the truck; it was sold in 2 days for the asking price with no haggle because it looked outstanding.

I’m all about educating my present clients and pre clients about the benefits and pitfalls of owning new and used cars. So if you have more questions regarding why detailing your car is important just call, and lets get you the best information possible for your situation…….its free!