Reflections Detailing of Utah

Cquartz Finest Paint Coating: Corvette Stingray

Once again Reflections detailing of Utah was given a sweet ride to perfect.  

This gem was a New car prep with adding a coating to help protect for years to come.  The coating of choice on this job was Cquartz Finest, which was an excellent choice for its ideal protection and gloss.  When ever a new car comes in to the shop, we need to decon the paint very well.  This entails claying the paint to remove any environmental particles bonded to the paint in the shipping process, stripping any “waxes” that are on the surface, and an inspection to see the condition of the paint before proceeding.  Many people assume, improperly, that a new car is “perfect” and not in need of such measures.  I have seen so many new cars to know better, and my clients when shown are usually shocked at the general condition of a new car.  Things are done in the production line, or dealership to try and fix things well enough for it to pass on, I tend to find these fixes and then proceede to truly fix them.  So begins the decon process in the following photos.

Corvette stingray with Cquartz Finest applied.


GHN_4772 GHN_4774 GHN_4777

If you look at  on this carbon fiber roof you will see “trails” all over the top, these are called buffer trails.  These are created by unskilled persons that have tried to “fix” or “correct” some defect in the painted area, while they believed they fixed the issue, they really created a much larger issue and likely used up more clear coat than they should have.  These happen because one the person is not skilled to know how to deal with the issue, so they basicly use an 800lb hammer when a 20oz would have corrected the issue.  I know I say it all the time, to my clients, when you buy a new car DON’T ALLOW THE DEALERSHIP TO PREP THE CAR, while these buffer trails likely happend at the dealership, I have seen them come “factory installed” also.  Often times the new owner is unaware as filler waxes are used to conceal the buffer trails or rotary marring, only to be washed away in a few short washes.   At that point of ownership the client has no real recourse against the damage.

vGHN_4780 GHN_4782


This is one of my pet peaves.  I think its shabby to leave on the injection tabs on tires, these are the little rubber posts that stick out on the tire face.  I like to pluck them off, to give a more clean and refined look to the tire.  It also helps when you dress the tires.



After a few hours of corrective polishing, the paint is defect free, all possible materials stuck on the paint from delivery are off, and the light can really reflect properly off the paint.  When this is properly done in a caculating and safe way, you can preserve the orginal paint for years to come!

GHN_4789 GHN_4792 GHN_4793

Who says you can’t make white paint glow!  Just look at that reflection and gloss.

GHN_4794 GHN_4795

If you don’t recall that carbon fiber hood from the first of the article, scroll back and then you can appriciate the craftsmanship of the work I preform.  It was nearly impossible to show the buffer trails in the white paint, there were a few areas where the “detailing tech” tried to “fix” a flaw, but on that black carbon you can clearly see the marring.

GHN_4796 GHN_4798

The client took delivery of this beauty a few miles before I could get it into the shop, so he basicly had lots of time to inspect the car.  He saw some marring but didn’t know if it was normal, could it be fixed, or what.  When he drove up and the stingray was sitting there in the full sun, he was blown away.  Quote, “Its better than I expected and looks flawless, more so than in the showroom”

What he will also yet experience is the performance of the Cquartz Finest Paint coating.  The level of gloss Cquartz Finest adds to perfectly corrected paint is upscale, but the performance of this coating is just as impressive.  This car is now coated for multiple years, with proper yearly maintenance, and the ease in which he can wash it, and how well it will clean without having to get so agressive is what sets it apart from many coatings.

GHN_4799 GHN_4803

See!  No more injection tire mold post on the side walls, such a much cleaner refined look.