Reflections Detailing of Utah

Reflections Detailing of Utah attends the NXT3 Training

A good friend of mine Kevin Brown has been trying for years to get another high level paint correction class going.  About 3 years ago he asked me if offered again would a guy like me attend?  My reply was why not?!  I would have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best in the world on this topic, and be trained by them.  Now I believe I’m an accomplished detailer and viewed by many as a source of information and credentials, so why would I need to be “trained” in something many consider me to be a source of information?  I have tried to reason why with myself, the very same question.  The point that kept coming back to me, in my pursuit of an answer, was that constant training in any field is necessary.  Perfection cannot fully be achieved, without a sense of humility and constant training.  Are they top athletes in the world past training?  Are the worlds best opera singers not still getting voice lessons?  I just recently saw a Sushi master, that has spent 75+ years perfecting his craft, and has won the highest achievements in his field, say “perfection is a constant pursuit”.  YOUTUBE LINK

I was super excited to be going and haning out with some extreamly talented detailer, and further more being trained by the likes of Kevin Brown, Jason Rose, Meguiars chemist (top secret), Michael Stoops, and Jose Fernandez.  The participants were also highly classed detailers, this was going to be a bonanza of the minds, the Pantheon of detailing!  I was pretty sure that the flow of excellent information and skills would be like taking a drink from a fire hose, it was a lot of information.

We started off the weekend with a Friday night party for all thoes that got into town early.  Some of the local detailer in the So. Cal area stopped by and it was great to meet them too.  Many of detailers from around the USA and World I’ve never meet in person, it was finally great to meet and share, some of them I’ve know for more than 4 years.


Here is Joe Fernandez, Robbie, and Kevin Brown (l-r) helping with the last min prep for the day.  You can see how helpful I was, I’m just running around taking photos!


Tuan, ?, Bob Willis

See how fast Kevin Brown is working, he blurs the image!  He is like a DA machine, always in motion is dual directions……..

Joe, Robbie, Richard Lin (l-r)



The classroom, AKA the Pantheon, we are awaiting for further knowledge to be bestowed upon us……..

Here is my long time friend RASKY marring up the finish of this test panel with 1500grit so we can test various methods of removal.  Every thing from rotary, DA, sanding, and other techniques that were then compared to see which might yield the most productive results.  Of course Chad removed all the orange peel, and created a glassy finish in the fewest number of steps possible

the paint whisperer

Yes it is I, why this image is larger than the rest………its not because its me…… web editor won’t allow it!  True

Was spinning the large wool pad and staying focused on the outcome, hence the staredown with the paint.

Hand finishing the edges of the panel to the finest grit possible so we wouldn’t have to spin the large wool, near the panels edge.


We spent from 8:30 am to nearly 9pm working on various techniques and products and tools.  Time well spent, money well spent, and I came away with more learned than when I showed up.  Lots of new connections made and networking done on this weekend.  I want to give a special thanks to Jason Rose, Kevin Brown, Michael Stroops, and Joe Fernandez for the countless hours before hand, during and afterwards to make this a special event for everyone.

I will be incorporating many of the things learned not only in my detailing business, but as I train other detailers on the finer points of paint correction.