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BMW 2013 550i: New car prep and Opti coat paint and wheels

Here at Reflections Detailing of Utah I had a mid winter new car prep sent to us.  This car was transported by the dealership in Nebraska, almost 1000 miles, to me here in Utah.  The client is located here in Utah also, but about 120 miles away.  I thank the client for the trust in sending his car to me, without ever stepping foot in my shop before.  I value trust and work very hard to exceed the level they gave me.

The client ordered the car back in early December and I was contacted by them about options for its care once it hit the dealership from Europe.  We spoke at length about these options.  We conversed over the months with about 23 emails before the delivery, I loved how they were so concerned and wanted the best possible outcome at the most reasonable price point.  I suggested the following; put in writing that the car is not to be touched, prepped or washed by them if they did you would not accept delivery. Secondly, leave on all shipping coverings both interior and exterior.  Lastly, have it transported to me for the prep, polishing, and paint protection to ensure the least amount of work needed to deliver the car to him in the greatest condition possible.  It was decided to apply Opti coat 2.0 to the paint surfaces and take off the wheels to get the back side and barrels of each wheel, as well as the faces.  The opti coat on the wheels will help greatly with the clean up of the vast amounts of brake dust produced by the BMW pads.

The following is a photographic documentation of the process in a video format.  Felt the background music was fitting for the Jet Black BMW……….Enjoy and ask questions.  Cheers, Greg